Running Scared

Mike Dunn has really been on the case lately. He has a post noting this broadcast industry dismissal of podcasting but also notes the undertone of desperation in it. It’s full of neat quotes like:

The only ones who are showing excitement about podcasting, so far, are the folks who are hosting a program. They would love to have you listen. They also love journalists who are running out of other internet-related topics.

Since I got the Shuffle, my use of the radio broadcast airwaves has gone from little to none. I don’t even listen in the car anymore, which was the one place where broadcast still had me. If the broadcast community wants to believe that I’m unique because I’m a podcaster and no one else could possibly care, I say let them. Every sinking ship needs a band to play them down.

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4 thoughts on “Running Scared”

  1. Broadcast radio will eventually turn into a “niche” market. With the advent of internet radio, I suspect large listening audiences have really started to dwindle. Combine that with the relatively easy listening of podcasting and you’ve got a bit of a winner.

    The interesting thing will be seeing what the advertising and promotional companies do next.. will they climb on board the podcasting phenomenon? 🙂

  2. If you don’t listen to broadcast radio in the car, how are you listening to podcasts? A tape adapter, fm transmitter, other?

  3. Dave, that was a blog post. As the author clearly points out, most blogs are worthless and best left unread. Though he is an authority, didn’t you see his certificate of achievement? I think I still have some of those from grade school.

  4. Dave says:


    I have one of those cassette adapters. Because the Shuffle is so portable, I treat it like my ubiquitous radio player. I listen around the house with the headphones, and when I get in the car I plug that in and continue on from where I left off. It’s quite nice, really. I’m not jumping into the middle of whatever is there, I have continuity of my personal entertainment.

    You nailed it. I predict will see a lot of stuff like this from people in and around the broadcast industry, getting more and more shrill and dismissive even as podcasting becomes obviously more powerful and prevalent.

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