EGC Stuff for Europe

For those folks who wanted to order the EGC stuff package from Europe, that is now an option. Thanks to Lee Wilkins for being my European shipping agent! I had a good number of people from the UK and mainland Europe who asked about this, and now it has come true. Get those orders in soon, so we can get the correct proportions of sizes ordered. Americans are easy to plan for – just go XL because we are all fat. Europeans are trickier to forecast for.

Update: I forgot I promised Lee a title – “Director of Overseas Distribution” or something like that. First law of business – titles are free, so use them in lieu of pay whenever you can.

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One thought on “EGC Stuff for Europe”

  1. Lee Wilkins says:

    Dave, you promised me the title of Overseas Distribution Director or European Overseas Distibute. 😀

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