Napster’s Bogus Ads

The Napster ads on the Superbowl were the lowest rated of the pack. Setting aside the bogusness of the argument (an iPod doesn’t have to be full, most people have enough CDs to mostly fill one up, etc etc), I watched the ad and it really really sucked. It was 5 seconds of panning across a crowd and then 25 seconds of holding up a cardboard sign of their print ad. Dear god, someone got paid for creating this? They paid millions of dollars to air this? The ad looks exactly like the kind of thing that a teenager creates when they do their class project on the bus ride to school. One suspects they forgot to actually create an ad until Friday afternoon.

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4 thoughts on “Napster’s Bogus Ads”

  1. jonny says:

    it also sucks because it does not work with itunes, or my beloved ipod. Who cares if its unlimited download, that sucks if i can’t play them on my ipod.

  2. ryan king says:

    I was watching the Bowl with one of my roommates and he got really excited by this commericial. He thought it was a great deal until I explained to him that as soon as he stopped paying the $15/month (or whatever they raise it to in the future), he would lose all the music. I’d rather own my music than rent it.

  3. swissfondue says:

    I don’t watch American Football, but I did see some of the ads. The Napster ad really was as terrible as you described. I think they spent all their money on the tv slot and didn’t have any left for the video production.

  4. What’s a Superbowl? Is that the one really big bowl you keep for popcorn? I have one, but it doesn’t have any ads on it.

    Not long until pitchers and catchers report, though.

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