Cameron Reilly Don’t Know Comic Books

I hate to tell you, Cam old sock, but you were dead freaking wrong in your interview with Darren Barefoot. Clark Kent was indeed friends with Lex Luthor as a kid in Smallville. That’s been part of the Superman mythos for 50 years. The original original origin was that Superboy did something that led to Luthor becoming bald, which made him go murderously insane and villainous. That seems like a pretty stupid impetus for a criminal mastermind lifestyle, but that’s how it was laid out. You so wrong, big boy.

I can’t fact check anything important in this life, but I can straighten out your incorrect funny book comments. I only wish I knew things about stuff that matters.

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7 thoughts on “Cameron Reilly Don’t Know Comic Books”

  1. You are right, I remember the comic!!! There was a fire of something in his lab and Superboy came and blows it out with his super breath. Lex was working on something to make Superboy impervious to kryptonite. After the fire was out and he found he was bald he swears that he would be Superboy’s enemy forever.

    Finally all of those hours in front of comic books has paid off.

  2. These are the things that make spousal eyeballs roll. Looking forward the the “Do Ya!” Dagnation is that one good song.

  3. Actually, I wish there were something riding in this. From the Wikipedia article on Superboy (and no, I didn’t just go and write it):

    Some of Superman’s foes, such as the Phantom Zone villains, made their first appearance in Superboy stories, and some (such as Mr. Mxyzptlk) also appeared as younger versions of themselves in the Superboy stories. The most famous example of this is the young Lex Luthor. In a story purporting to reveal the origin of the enmity between Luthor and Superman, Lex Luthor was a teenage boy the same age as Superboy, and the two became best friends after Lex moved to Smallville. Superboy built a fully-stocked laboratory for Lex in order for the latter to conduct his experiments, while Lex searched for a cure for Superboy’s weakness to Kryptonite. However, when a fire in Lex’s lab forced Superboy to destroy an important experiment Lex was working on in order to save his life, the chemicals used caused Lex to lose all of his hair. He blamed Superboy, accusing him of jealousy for his brilliance, and he swore to destroy him. Thereafter, Lex Luthor and Superboy were arch-enemies.

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