Lessig Hops on the Podcast Train!

Very cool stuff. Lawrence Lessig is now podcasting! Here’s his enclosure feed. He says in his post that this first one is him reading a pre-written Wired column, but that he isn’t planning on making that his standard MO. I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

If I can float an idea for an early podcast (this request goes out to Larry, everrrryybody), how about laying out your thoughts on the use of music in podcasts. Is ASCAP licensing sufficient, as some are doing? Us non-lawyers and some actual lawyers find this crap to abstruse to make heads or tails of it. My strategy is to only play music from people that are on my side and won’t sue me, but that’s just me.

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5 thoughts on “Lessig Hops on the Podcast Train!”

  1. Derrick Oien says:


    There are three rights:

    1. Sound Recording
    2. Mechanical reproduction
    3. Performance

    You need all three covered.

  2. Johnee Bee says:

    looks like a sci-fi writer? whats a good book to stsrt with?

  3. Johnee Bee says:

    looks like a sci-fi writer? whats a good book to stsrt with?

  4. Johnee Bee says:

    a consistent listener Adam. but thanks to the dead spirits, that I can fast forward thru some music parts. i can barely stand “the Biddies”. they are SO sophomoric. i am a HUGE music fan. but listen to Karrin Allyson for example. thats where it should start on the talent pole. Im judging ANYONES music preferences, cuz thats whats make the world…(you know). be we all have the right to share our opinion. PS, i TOTALLY dig david slushers “evil genius chronicles” but havent like ONE song that he plays. does it keep me from listening? of course not.

  5. Dave says:

    Lawrence Lessig is either the geek king of lawyers or the lawyer king of geeks. He’s the author of <strong>Free Culture</strong>, a force behind Creative Commons amongst many other things.

    And not one song? Oh sweet jehosaphat, you hard hearted thing. Thanks for listening anyway.

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