Last night’s episode of ER with Cynthia Nixon as a stroke victim who was paralyzed and unable to speak but speaking to the audience via voiceover was pretty bad. I mean, really really bad. Like, never-watch-this-series-again bad. The concept was interesting in getting into the head of an ER victim, but the execution was atrocious. It basically turned into a Look Who’s Talking movie, but with a stroke disfigured face rather than a baby’s. It was sappy in all the wrong ways, uncomfortable in all the wrong ways, treacly when it was trying for funny, funny when it was trying for profound. It just plain sucked. Wow. I’ve been willing to stop watching the series for a while now, and now here’s a durned good reason. It basically lacks everything I once liked about it a decade ago. I think this show needs to be retired.

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3 thoughts on “Post-Shark”

  1. Dave, didn’t you wonder when they started killing people with helicopters a few years ago?

  2. Dave says:

    That certainly was a little ski wax on the skids of this monstrosity heading downhill ever faster. To complete the ski analogy, this show has turned into the “agony of defeat” clip.

  3. Rob Usdin says:

    Well…she wasn’t quite speaking directly TO the audience. The narration was what was going on inside her head while everything was going on. I don’t think the show has actually jumped the shark, I think it’s been in a roller coaster of hills and valleys and this season has actually started back up. But let’s face it – it’s network TV. Don’t expect too much, and you’re pleasantly surprised at what you get. If you want something better, there’s a myriad of cable stations to choose from.


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