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Tonight I heard a chunk of This American Life that was a repeat I had previously listened to. I usually love the show, but this one I didn’t like very much. I realized that pretty much every episode I don’t much like has something in common – lots of Jonathan Goldstein. Not to disparage the man, but I think I’m just not his target audience. His tales of his personal neuroses and daily humiliations leave me cold, mostly because I just can’t really empathize that much. He seems to spend a lot of time agonizing about what the least important random people in his life think of him. Why not, like, just not care?

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  1. caleb says:

    Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything
    shares some common ground with TAL, but TOE is always gripping, moving, fascinating. BW kicks Glass. His urgent delivery is as compelling as the content. And he just got The Call from NPR! I’m totally happy for him.
    Caleb de Floriduh

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