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On a whim, I checked out the Roadhouse Blues podcast. There were a number of good songs on there, so imagine my suprise when they announced that one of the bands, Johnny Flash and the Rockets, are from Myrtle Beach. That’s right, I discovered a good band local to me by listening to this new podcast that comes from who knows where. Cool stuff. He also has me in his blogroll, so he’s obviously got impeccable taste. Now I just need to keep my eyes open to see the Rockets playing at some dive bar around here. I can’t wait.

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2 thoughts on “Blues Podcast”

  1. Impeccable or impeachable? Seriously, though, I had forgotten just how lovely Michelle Malone’s voice is. That and I had forgotten just how much I like her music. I will be helping to put a bit of food on Miss Malone’s plate, so to speak.

  2. Les Lewellyn says:

    If you dig the blues you should check out my show, Preying Lizard’s Road Rash Blues Show. I think you might just dig it!
    Thanks for spreading the word about great blues music!

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