6 thoughts on “Best! Trailer! Ever!”

  1. if your someone who likes the guides – your counting down the days to the opening…

    that’s what my older son’s doing 😉

    it is a very good trailer…

  2. Sharon and I are huge fans of both of the principals in this movie. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bad movie in Sam Rockwell’s career (and scenes that he doesn’t steal), and Martin Freedman was just hilarious and heartwarming (there, I said it) in The Office. So yeah, we’re pretty excited about it, and that says a lot for two folks who normally steer a wide berth around science fiction. And yes I read the book when I was a kid 🙂

  3. I loved Sam Rockwell in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. With this and Galaxy Quest he might become the Gregory Peck of ironically funny SF movies.

    I never watched The Office, but I did see Freedman in the tedious Love Actually and have a hard time thinking about him without associating the stink of that film. I’ll give him a shot, though.

  4. Oh my gawd, The Office is the funniest thing ever. EVER. We got the DVDs (there’s 2 seasons, plus a coda) and I just couldn’t watch more than 2 episodes in a row due to the pain in my gut from laughing/cringing so hard. I’d recommend that you see it before the stateside production of it ruins it for all of us (NBC premiers it March 24th, IIRC).

  5. …I breathed a sigh of relief.

    A trailer can’t be that funny, and have the movie suck. I read HITCHHIKER’S in high school, and Douglas Adams continued to influence my writing on account of that. When I heard Touchstone/Disney got their hands on Disney, I was a bit nervous. Then I saw this trailer…

    Oh yeah, somewhere in Heaven, Douglas Adams is smiling.

  6. Chris,
    Believe it or not, I think I’m immune to the Office. I have watched it and never had the reaction that others do. I’m the same way with Coupling, which I find unwatchable but everyone else seems to think is just brilliant. The BBC comedy I’ve most liked in the last decade is Chef, even though I’ve only seen a few episodes of it.

    I think it *could* suck but it probably won’t. I usually argue in the other way – if the trailer sucks, there is no way the movie is good. Of course, Fight Club is the counterexample to that. I will say that I was completely apathetic about the HHGTTG movie up until seeing that trailer and now I’m on fire to go.

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