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My podcasting colleague, Matthew Bischoff, was featured in an article in his local newspaper. The article is weirdly negative and condescending in many ways, but you get a picture of Matthew and some neat background on him. I’m never surprised when incumbent media people slant these articles to be dismissive. In fact, I’m surprised when they don’t.

Sometimes I get knocked out by Matthew’s youth, although I was on the late end of 15 when I first started working in broadcast radio in Kansas. I think it is highly cool to have this smart kid working in the field, and I’m a regular listener.

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8 thoughts on “Matthew Bischoff in the Paper”

  1. Rob says:

    Reporters for local papers are not always the best at their profession. Some genuinely love their profession, but some are just bad at it. Most are underpaid and overworked. Doesn’t make it right but they’re not always at the top of their game. I’m more forgiving of the local guys, then I am of national outlets that get things wrong (Wired).

    Let’s be happy podcasting made it into a local paper so quickly since its “introduction” – any publicity for it is good!


  2. Doug Kaye says:

    Yeah, Matthew is cool. I was talking to him by phone and forgot how young he was. Until he said, “When I start high school…”

  3. Tee Morris says:

    Dave, you’re being incedibly nice to this so-called journalist.

    The quote that grabbed me was “Podcasting allows a show to be automatically downloaded to a digital audio player, like Apple’s iPod – hence the name…”

    Obviously, this noodnig has no friggin’ clue nor any drive to find out what “PODCasting” means: “Programming on Demand” Broadcasting…or Podcasting. (And this definition was from THE WASHINGTON POST where I first found out about podcasting.) But his slams on podcasting and the respective broadcasters behind them (from the article — “But many more podcasts are just talk. There are podcasts about sports, wine, movies, religion, technology, or life in general. And because it’s done by amateurs, it’s not quite Howard Stern, “Imus in the Morning,” or National Public Radio’s “Fresh Air…”) you can tell this ass (and no, his name is not worth the bandwidth) cares less about this growing technology, the people behind it, or even what it is all about. I’m only halfway through the article and the attitude of “Here’s what’s happening in the basement of the science building…” is just bitch-slapping me left and right.

    What a prick! I guess if you don’t understand a technology, then it must be for people who have too much time on their hands.

    As for Matthew, kudos to him! A teenager kicking some podcasting ass and taking names. Good man!

  4. Anonymous says:

    When podcasting gets a nod from the media, I get a chubby because I can honestly say I have truly…

  5. Actually Tee, the name did come from the iPod, WaPo got it wrong. Dave was amongst the first to adopt the term podcasting (though no the originator of the term) for what he was doing because he thought (rightly so) that it was a certain amount of sexy.

    So you are right, the reporter is an ass, just not for that reason.

  6. mike dunn says:

    is his boss told him – go find out how to report on jersey podcasters, and if you notice every one he mentioned had some local jersey location…

    he just let his ignorance, bias and laziness show is all…

    good deal for matt though…

  7. Thank you Dave and everyone for being concerned about the article. The reporter was a little weird in person and it shows in the article. I asked him to record the interview but he immediately said no, and he didn’t even publish my URL.

  8. Tee Morris says:

    The “podcasting” terminology…you’re right. Someone called me on that during my rant on The Dragon Page. (BTW, yes, I posted a similar, slightly tweaked rant on The Dragon Page…) But yeah, I got the podcasting term all wrong. My bad.

    Still think this reporter was a twit! :^\

    Completely unrelated…got my EGC tee-shirt. Looking forward to wearing it at the cons! :^D

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