Podcasting on the SC Coast

Here is the podcasting article from the Charleston Post and Courier, in which I am quoted. It has an annoying registration requirement, but I created the username/password theseloginssuck/theseloginssuck . If I hadn’t know that I was in the article, about the time I saw that registration page I’d have closed the tab and never returned. These may seem reasonable to the individual newspapers, but it is unreasonable to expect everyone to have 700 logins for trivial things like reading a newspaper article. Sigh.

I like the article overall, much better than the one a month or two back that quoted me with the pull-quote “I was, like, wow!” I tried to find the paper edition yesterday but couldn’t find a Charleston newspaper for sale anywhere in the heart of Conway. Dan Conover blogs about the process of writing this article, which sounds more involved than one might expect from just reading it. I’ve seen good articles and not-so-good articles on podcasting in the print media. This is one of the better ones, even though Dan wishes he could have put in more time and made it better. I’m with him – I have the same feeling every time I ever do an interview.

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4 thoughts on “Podcasting on the SC Coast”

  1. Andy Herron says:

    Try http://bugmenot.com/ – free online password lists, added to by users. It didn’t have a working login for that paper though.

  2. Dave says:

    Andy, I tried all the ones in Bugmenot before I bothered to register. None of them worked, which is why I broke down and did it.

  3. Ken Nelson says:

    Dave, I think I saw that the Charleston registrations that were made prior to 3/5 had to be re-registered (??). That probably explains why bugmenot didn’t work for either of us.
    BTW, there’s a bugmenot extension to Firefox that allows you to right click, or option click (depends on your OS) on one of these dreaded login pages. The extension then connects to bugmenot, and throws up a login/password combo into the boxes. Very neat, and works for me most of the time. When it doesn’t, I then have to ponder whether the article merits my assuming my alter-ego as an 89-year old female automotive technician from Lodi CA, with an annual income of $20K, and proceeding to the registration.
    I enjoyed reading the article; it’s one of the better print coverages of podcasting that I’ve seen. I also appreciated their mentioning the PodcastAlley controversy. The only thing I didn’t see was a mention of IpodderX 🙁

  4. Ken Nelson says:

    Wow! I read the story, and somehow missed the link to the background podcast covering same (darn bifocals). I listened to the podcast; it’s really great to hear the behind the scenes coverage of the story. Daniel Conover writes and sounds like he gets it; it is devoutly to be desired that his outlook spreads amongst his colleagues in other publications.
    I’d have left him a comment, but being blogless, have no desire or need to create a Blogger account.

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