Forgive my absence, and typos in this post. I’m typing it into my Sharp Zaurus with my Pockettop keyboard aboard a flight from San Juan Puerto Rico to Washington DC. We went on a vacation, our first go-to-a-resorty-hotel type vacation in five years. I meant to record a short episode of a clambake but Audacity screwed me once again and I couldn’t get that assembled before we left at 5:00 AM on Saturday. I kind of half-assed thought about going to an internet cafe and checking email but we just never cared that much. In fact, our hotel had free internet and we never bothered to bring a laptop. Disconnecting was part of the appeal, really. As I write this, I suspect that I have several hundred emails waiting for me.

The vacation was good, too short and now over. We stayed in post-colonial splendor at the Hilton Caribe – a hotel that still has that 50’s vibe from when it was built. We visited the rain forest at El Yunque, shopped in Pueblo Viejo San Juan, layed out on the beach and ate and ate. In short we had a highly touristy experience which was exactly what we were after. I started and finished my beach novel, Max Allan Collins’ Carnal Hours, a Nate Heller mystery. It was exactly what you want in a beach book, a non-challenging page turner. This morning I did a little snorkeling at the hotel beach, which was fun but my nose has not stopped running since.

One of the downsides of this trip was that I in general used very little of my fledgling Spanish. I lacked confidence, and just didn’t have el ojo del tigre. The few times I did try it, folks looked at me like I had lapsed into Chinese. Since basically everyone spoke English, there was no real need to push it. Where it did help was with traffic signs, which I could more or less read all of them without problem.

In a small favor, the movie on the plane is the second Bridget Jones movie, which means my wife is seeing it now and I won’t be forced to endure it later. The meal was pretty good as well, and between eating at the airport and on the plane, I am well and truly full. I’m listening to podcasts I loaded up before we left, Linux Link Tech Show, Hablemos and others. Thus far, it has been quite a pleasant experience.

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5 thoughts on “Vacation”

  1. I’m still dying to go back to Cozumel. I’m extremely jealous of you right now. I’m going to Columbia this weekend,perhaps I should pretend it is the island of Columbia. I can go to a Taco Bell and speak Spanish at the drive-thru. Betcha I get the exact same looks you got.

  2. while you were gone, your regular listening audience tuned in to the “other” slusher podcaster…

    and he too is pumping out bundles of passion – definately a dna thang 🙂

  3. Like I mentioned in my email to you, my Powerbook went bye-bye and I was email-less over the weekend. I didn’t receive your note about being in my neighborhood until late Tuesday night, probably as you were getting home from the trip.

    You already have my Skype contact info, so we can start working on polishing that “ojo del tigre” of yours any time you want. Estoy a tu orden. 🙂

    BTW, we don’t have to only “talk” on a weekly/bi-weekly/whenever basic, we can also text chat in Spanish, on and off during the day at your convenience. I figure that will help you get in some grammar practice.

    Soon enough you’ll be lecturing in Spanish at Carnegie Hall! (And what do they say about how to get to Carnegie Hall?)

  4. while you were gone, your regular listening audience tuned in to the “other” slusher podcaster…

    and he too is pumping out bundles of passion – definately a dna thang 🙂

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