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The blogging and podcasting have been light in recent times. Things have been highly busy lately and will be for the near future. Despite the high load, I’ll try to keep at it enough that people don’t forget I’m here. I hate fading in and out, but sometimes there is too much life to fit in the days.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

3 thoughts on “Lots of Life”

  1. PJ Cabrera says:

    … you’re allowed to take a break from podcasting, especially if “Real Life” starts taking up time. I don’t want you or any other podcaster to burn out from churning out bundles of passion.

    From listening to your last few podcasts, I gather that while we regularly hear a 35 to 45 minute podcast, it takes you twice as long to actually record, and that doesn’t include the time it takes you to edit stuff out?

    Wow. I can’t even find one hour a day to read the technical journals, website articles, and blogs I rely on to keep up to date on my career. I can’t imagine taking 90 minutes or more on anything but real life and the day job right now (that’s my excuse for not podcasting yet, btw).

    Dave, thank you, thank you very much for the effort you put in, for the hours you spend, just so you can speak to us for a half hour. I appreciate it very much now that it’s dawned on me how it is. I didn’t realize.

    Now go easy on yourself, and remember it’s ok not to make a podcast. You said a few times, on your podcasts from September and October, that you don’t want to feel obligated to do this. Be honest to yourself about your own needs and feelings, and if you can’t do it or don’t feel like doing it, don’t! We want to listen to bundles of passion, not to Farts of forced mediocrity.

    And please, remember to spend some time with the wife (and with Gracie, too! 🙂 The family is first, or should be first, after all.

    Alright, that’s enough of a rant from me for this week. LOL

    PS – My EGC stuff arrived! I’m about to open the package! Cool beans!

    PPS – I’ll write back here once I open it and get the stuff out. 🙂

  2. PJ Cabrera says:

    “Wow. I can’t even find one hour a day to read the technical journals …”

    I meant one hour a week. I’m swamped with the work I have, being the CTO of an open source start-up within a university here in PR. So I definitely can appreciate if you can only podcast about once a week.

    But if you only come on once a week, I’ll definitely miss you. Adam’s DSC is my morning commute podcast, his show runs just right for that purpose. But he gets boring and predictable at times, and when there’s an EGC, I listen to you instead of him, to vary things up a bit.

    Except for Madge, the other daily podcasts just don’t measure up to Adam’s, even when he gets boring and predictable. And though Madge is an excellent entertainer, I can only take so much fake schtick. I want to communicate with REAL people, not with cleverly crafted characters.

    OK, that’s two rants in one evening. Gonna go open the EGC stuff package now. 😀

  3. PJ Cabrera says:

    Oh wow. You are one cool dude. You included an extra freebie along with the stuff I ordered! You added a page from your George Carlin 365-day calendar, the calendar I enjoy so much reading when you post a quote on your blog!

    You also wrote a personalized message on the back, which I really, really appreciate, because of the effort I know you put into doing that. I only have one thing to say: O no no, gracias a usted. 🙂

    Including the note and the Carlin quote in the package really made my day. Thanks very much also for the Gaping Void card, it’s cool too. It’s so cool, I almost feel like I should frame it and preserve it carefully!

    I’m flying my EGC flag high tomorrow!

    PS – That sounds mildly sexual, my apologies if I said something wrong with my broken English! It’s not my native language! LOLROF

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