My Brain Hurts

I’m taking a momentary break from the day job. I finished a task that seemed like it would take two or three days but was more like six or seven. I made several big pushes at it but there were just issues upon issues, and solving some involved tackling or creating others. Although this was just an internal deadline, I felt bad about not being able to do it by the day I said I could. Even when these are not hard dates and are arrived at without any methodology other than the “Anal Pluck Protocol”, I still hate missing any form of deadline. Like I told my boss a few days ago, “It makes my Protestant work ethic ache.”

Thank god the next few things we are doing are small tasks, on the order of a few hours to maybe a day. I’m ready for some short stories after the latest massive epic.

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3 thoughts on “My Brain Hurts”

  1. Can atheists have work ethics associated with an organized religion? That’s kind of having your God and denying him too, isn’t it?

    Of course, Atheist work ethic sounds like crap. As does former Protestant work ethic. Apostatized Protestant work ethic? Hmm. This is a toughy.

  2. Dave says:

    I’m not sure why you see such a conundrum. I was once a devout Protestant and now I’m not. The god is gone but the culture remains. I didn’t forget all my bible learning automatically when I left the church.

    And, just as easily I could have substituted “Midwestern” for “Protestant” and the point would be about the same.

  3. live in the South.

    P.S. You have such an incredibly yankable chain. I just can’t resist sometimes.

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