Elections for the Style Council

I hereby nominate young Steve Wagoner from my home state of Kansas as the newest member of the EGC style council. Do I have a second?

By the way, if you look at the comments of this recent post, you’ll see the friend of this blog/podcast PJ Cabrera (who I narrowly missed in Puerto Rico) waxing rhapsodic about receiving his stuff package and noting the little extras I throw in (none of which have much of a dollar value but are a little lagniappe to express my thanks for your support.) You can join the party too! It makes everyone happy, gets you spiffy apparel and rocking tunes, and help keeps my bandwidth bills paid. Win-win!

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3 thoughts on “Elections for the Style Council”

  1. Steve is the 2nd best looking guy to be pictured on your site with the t-shirt.

    Must be eastern Kansas, I see trees.

    BTW, how did Kansas get to be the home state? I don’t know that there are rules to this sort of thing, but I thought it was the state of birth that got the nod.

  2. I wore my EGC t-shirt the day after I received the package. The students at the open source development lab I help run were curious and seemed to like it (I have the black t-shirt). As the day progressed more of them asked me what EGC was. I tired of explaining, so around noon I played them the latest podcast for that time (I think it was the Michell Shocked one).

    I had played EGC before over the old labtec evpowered “computer” speakers, so they immediately recognized the Kill Bill and Gentle Readers based intro. Then one of them says: (his thoughts, not mine) some crazy dude in the USA is recording himself talking and posts that on his website, and he’s gotten so famous, he’s selling t-shirts! I thought that was funny.

    But the best part was the babes at the pub, asking what my t-shirt was about. That was great. 🙂 I had my iPod in my coat pocket, so I played EGC for some of them. I got the same reaction: some crazy guy talks to himself, and is selling t-shirts. 🙂 But they liked the shirt enough to ask what it was about; that’s something.

    I’ll keep plugging podcasting here as I can. I may have to create my own to turn the tide (then I’ll be the crazy guy instead of you.)

    I’ll see about sending in a picture for the style council next time I wear the t-shirt. Then we’ll see who’s the most good looking. 🙂

    PS- pjtrix.com is coming online real soon, with a Spanish podcast.

  3. Your short EGC episodes have inspired me. If you can churn out three short podcasts in a week, I can churn out at least one short podcast a week.

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