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Darren Barefoot returned a volley to my grumpy non-response of earlier today. I returned via the comments, but I’d rather address one podcast truism in a different way. A criticism I see so commonly as to be a cliche is that “so many of them are sooooo bad”. I don’t know what ones they refer to because no one ever names names, they just make the assertion. Here then is a list of podcasts I have found randomly out in the aether in the last month or two and subsequently subscribed to. The list is alphabetical (as they appear in my iPodderX list, which is by the RSS title not necessarly the title I use here) and presented without commentary. Sure, I run across some that I don’t like much. Those I listen to once and then move on. These have stuck around and become part of my routine.

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  1. The next step to actually prove your point is that you have to compile a list of blogs that suck. I hope you have the bandwidth to carry that sort of load. Its going to be a monster list.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Trevor Cook at Bluescastnews was kind enough to interview me by email about The Roadhouse and other music-related stuff. It’s a fairly long interview but, to his credit, Trevor posted it in its entirety. If you head over and read it, comment freely either there or here. It’s full of the stuff of discussion.

  3. Aron says:

    Dear Dave:

    Though things have been a bit sparce lately, I appreciate you keepin’ me on the list. This week puts PIBC back on the road for nearly the rest of the year. I bet there’s going to be more output now…home seems to take up a lot of time!!! Finally there is a new podcast, I can’t believe it was nearly a MONTH since the last one…keep up the good fight and thank you for all your hard work in the podcasting world!


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