I talked to Paul Melancon last night, and he wanted to express to the podcasting community that he is delighted to have his music out there, in podcasts or whatever. He’s got a page where you can download some MP3s and also buy the CDs. Check them out, and if you are interested in playing those songs in a podcast, Paul says “Right on!”

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One thought on “Podsafety”

  1. Not bothered with the new time format – I’ll listen to your podcast regardless. I appreciate your point though. Producing a 40-min show can be a stretch when you get into post-production etc. Especially if your recording software of choice kicks out on you. Would love to play ‘Fluoxetine’ on my Wed. podcast so will send along an email to The Arts and Sciences today requesting permission. The title alone rang true with me – it’s part of the reason why I started a podcast on depression in the first place!

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