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I saw a reference to Dave Pentecost‘s podcasts from the South American jungles on Echo Radio recently. I was interested in that, having exchanged email with Dave in the past and being fascinated with Central and South America. I subscribed to the feed and in a rarity for me, I set iPodderX to get all the files in the feed. There’s some really good stuff in here, including some stuff I’m going to quote in future shows.

My one big question – what the hell is up with the bit rate of these MP3s? I’m listening to the show about gender issues which is encoded at 256 kbps! That makes this 30 minute MP3 of two people talking a 55 Mb file, which is ridiculous. One episode I heard was them talking about how podcasts are too long. Dudes, your podcasts are too big!

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One thought on “Echo Radio”

  1. PJ Cabrera says:

    And may I say I “looove” my Michele Malone MP3s? 🙂

    Perhaps they simply kept the default settings of whatever MP3 authoring software they use, and it’s unfortunately 256k? Maybe they didn’t know what that setting was about and they didn’t want to touch it? Maybe they need podcasting super-mentor Dave Slusher to set them in the right way. 🙂

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