Resume Normal Life

Trade show over (for me, at least.) Resuming normal life approximately 12 hours from now. Exhausted but optimistic on this end, so all is well. Thank you for your patience. Expect another podcast this weekend, some light blogging before then. Perhaps I’ll be able to read some of the 100 unread emails and 500 unread news items on a plane tomorrow. Or, perhaps I’ll sleep. Either way, normalcy is imminent.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

7 thoughts on “Resume Normal Life”

  1. … from EGC withdrawal symptoms. 🙂

    If you made a “I’m an EGC crackhead” t-shirt, I would so buy one. LOL

  2. One thing about you, Dave–you have great taste in music. I’m listening to your most recent podcast and you’re playing another Camper van Beethoven song, this one from their live show recently in Georgia. Amazing. Anyone who has kind of taste has to be alright.

  3. I’d have to agree with Harold–I mean uh, Charssun–there, LOL. And you know what’s giving you chills about that Camper song? It’s that violin (which you call a fiddle). I’ve been digging on that CvB fiddle for 15 years or so, and I can’t get enough of it–so much so that I recently joined the band’s Street Team so I can get into their shows for free, being the moneyless bum that I am. (Though I haven’t actually done any Street Team work yet; although I guess you could say this is kind of a promo, though I didn’t plan it that way…)

    Everyone should listen to Camper van Beethoven, it’ll do you some good. Might even make war go away for good.

  4. Just got finished with a trade show and a whirlwind week? Strange, so did I, although mine was NAB* in Las Vegas, not sure what yours was (CMM?). I was checking out your blog just now for the first time in a couple weeks. Synchronicity. OK! Back to life …

    * Yes, I continue to be assimilated by the Borg. Don’t worry, I’m taking them down from the inside by doing a crappy job.

  5. CDC, yes it was CMM. How did you know that?

    Guys, I got a package of CVB CDs from Pitch-a-Tent records in Athens GA while I was gone. I ordered the box set that has the first few albums, one of the later 80’s one and then the NEW ROMAN TIMES. I need to give the new one a listen and then drift back 20 years listening to the music of my anarchic young adulthood.

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