Raiding The 20th Century

I’m getting to this late because of my busy week last week but Bob’s Slacktime Funhouse last week aired in its entirety a great audio documentary called “Raiding the 20th Century”, which is about remix culture, cutups, sampling and such. I listened to it in O’Hare airport waiting for a plane and I’ve never had a more enjoyable hour in an airport.

This was a partnership with Paul Morley who wrote a book on the subject, and DJ Strictly Kev who had prepared an earlier version and then expanded it after reading the Morley book and included some author readings in the audio. You can currently download this from their website but if you get it from the links below Right Fricking Now you can make Georgia Tech eat the bandwidth bill. Stick it to the man in more ways than one! You have until 1 AM EDT Saturday night/Sunday morning to download this, after which it will be overwritten with the next show, so don’t fart around.

The show starts a few minutes after the hour, so you’ll need all three of these files to get the full show, the last one only having a few minutes of the very end. Stick around and listen to 25 minutes of the anarchic WREK programming to see if you like it. I do.

Note – each file is about 27M, so be forewarned.
First half-hour
Second half-hour
Last few minutes

And you know, if you subscribed to the WREK Subgenius podcast feed you’d already have this.

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2 thoughts on “Raiding The 20th Century”

  1. Chris C. says:

    Dave, it looks like the 2nd and 3rd links are broken.

    I listen to about 8 hours of downloaded WREK shows a week*, timeshifted via my mp3 player jacked into my car / home / head. After a very hectic 2004, I’m so glad to be back into the regular content ingest groove again …

    I’ll download the show and give it a listen. Thanks!

    * See for a connoisseur’s selection of WREK’s best shows (IMHO of course)

  2. Adam Hansen says:

    You can click on the first link and then change the URL at the end from …..0100.mp3 to 0200.mp3 and 0300.mp3. At least that is what I did.

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