Friday Night in Conway

I’m on my own for most of the night, so I’m hanging out at the coffee shop again on the wifi and enjoying the splendor of a pleasant spring evening in Conway SC. Life really is good some times.

Further examples of why I’m glad I live here.

  • I had a guy at a feed store near my house where I was buying dog food (yes, there are feed stores near my house) laugh at me for showing ID when I wrote a check even though I’ve never been in that store. When I got the receipt, it was printed on the back of a flyer for next Monday’s meeting of the wild bird spotting group which will emphasize hummingbirds. Even better, we are planning on attending.
  • I happened across a street sign that informs me that there is a jazz festival under the bridge out of town, like, next weekend. I’ve never heard of it until today, but I hope to ride my bike down to it next Saturday.
  • On my way out of the driveway today, I had a 10 year old girl walk up to me and invite me to a “southern living” party in my neighborhood. I plan on stopping by when I leave here.
  • You can buy a set of wooden blocks of buildings in this town. Oh yeah!

I really need to start snapping some more photos of this place and putting them on Flickr. I think I’ll do that and also put all the style council pictures up there as well.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Night in Conway”

  1. floyd tiny says:

    Sounds like small town life is treating you just right.
    My wife and I moved from NYC to a small town, and it’s treating us right too.

  2. Keith Fox says:

    On the A&E show City Confidential yesterday, they featured Conway SC. Seems a high school football star raped and killed his best (female) friend some years ago. But still, it looks like a beautiful peaceful little town.

  3. So while you’re taking it easy, probably drinking some Green Tea (or is it Whiskey?) while kicking back to some Camper van Beethoven, could you answer one question: was the *the* Joe Frank who won your contest a few weeks back?

    Of course, any fellow named Joe Frank could argue that he’s *the* Joe Frank, and of course all Joe Franks are – but I think you know who I mean. Did you ever find out?

  4. Nate and Di says:

    We are so exited that we found your site!
    Great show, we’re currently listening to all the EGC we can squeeze in. We’re originally from Aiken, SC – Right across the river from Augusta. We are currently producing a podcast twice a week from here in Mount Pleasant, and we’re just about an hour away from Conway. You can check us out at – Thanks for the laughs and great tunes!

  5. Dave says:

    Harold, I know for a fact that this Joe Frank is not the radio dude.

    Nate and Di, my brother works in Aiken. Welcome to the podosphere.

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