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For reasons known only to him, Mike Dunn bought me a pro account on Flickr, only a few hours after the first time I uploaded any photos into the account. I figure the least I can do is to use it, so I downloaded the iPhoto plugin that exports to Flickr. I’ll be pushing up some of my Conway photos and such. Here is my account if you are interested.

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5 thoughts on “Fire up Flickr”

  1. mike dunn says:

    because i’d already bought the egc shirt/cd – because you didn’t have a pro flickr account – and because flickr makes it so easy to upgrade friends via a gift account and paypal (brilliant upsell engine)…

    but mostly, because i’ve been thinking a lot about something dawn actually said on her show where she talked about signing on w/ podshow/sirius (which was an incredible dnds podcast they did btw – very classy on their part to discuss the topic and their motivations they way they did)…

    she said that the world really doesn’t have a viable barter system for payment anymore – which for the most part i agree w/…

    however, i get value out of certain podcasts, and i want to be able to help out those podcasters whenever possible…

    so that’s why – it was a barter installment dave – no strings attached 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    How odd – I can go to that page, but if I click on a picture for more, it mostly draws then it crashes my FireFox running on Fedora. Konqueror works fine, and FireFox on WinXP works fine. Sigh.

  3. Dave says:

    Shannon, do you have talkback enabled on their such that you are reporting those crashes back to them? There used to be a bad Mozilla crash on Where’s George that would get me about once a day. Eventually, they got that fixed and it never happened again. With something as common and popular as Flickr you’d think that would get priortized pretty highly.

  4. Shannon says:

    Yep – and that was the first time I ever saw the dialog. We’ll see if it helps…

  5. PJ Cabrera says:

    I bought the EGC stuff package to encourage Dave, give him incentive, to continue podcasting, by helping out with bandwidth costs. And by buying the Gentle Readers CD, I encourage them, and indie bands like them, to keep promoting their music through podcasting.

    I originally held out from buying an EGC t-shirt/Gentle Readers CD package, for almost two months, because I thought I wouldn’t like the Gentle Readers CD. I originally was only going to put $25 in his tip jar.

    Dave’s goofy begging “if you loved me you would buy it” cracked me up and I started thinking about it. Then I saw Dave wearing the t-shirt, and I had to have one. 🙂

    As it turned out, I like the Gentle Readers’ CD more than I thought I would. Next CD, I’ll be more inclined to buy after listening to some of the songs, on Dave’s EGC of course.

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