Style Council + Beer

From the San Francisco podcasters meetup last week come these images of superfan Dan Tripp sporting his fine EGC apparel. Apparently the joy of it all excited him or perhaps someone else into spilling some beer on him. Dan’s a good enough sport that he doesn’t mind having pictures posted of him on the internet with wet pants. Go Dan!

Also in the picture is Kris from the Say Yum podcast. This is anecdotal evidence for what Michael Butler (who has the photo credit on both these, BTW) said in email:

Chicks dig EGC shirts!

Right on! If you too want to attract girls and beer to your person, that is well within your power. Ladies, I’m sure the opposite works for boys as well. All god’s chirrun love the EGC.

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4 thoughts on “Style Council + Beer”

  1. I’m ever-so-happy to show my support for Evil Genius Chronicles, even if I look like an ass while doing it. In fact, it bears pointing out that I look much less ass-ish in these pictures *only because* I’m wearing my EGC shirt.

    Consider the photographic evidence friends… Fat guy with hot chick… and why? That’s right… the magic of an Evil Genius Chronicles t-shirt. Buy yours today!

    (p.s.- I’d recommend the black shirt as it’s more “slimming.” I normally look 2-300 lbs heavier in pictures than I do in these.)

  2. ryan king says:

    1. Get EGC shirt.
    2. Spill beer on yourself
    3. Get hot (married) chicks.
    4. ???
    5. Profit!

  3. James Slusher says:

    Moral of Dan’s story–> EGC shirts: They make asses look good!

  4. PJ Cabrera says:

    The first time I wore my EGC shirt, I went to a pub with friends after work. And I was approached by three ladies, whom walked up together, to ask me what my t-shirt was about.

    When I don’t wear my EGC shirt, I only get approached by chicks when they tell to stop oggling or else … 🙂

    Believe it folks, EGC t-shirts are almost as good as IPodderX in helping you get laid.

    IPodderX …
    IPodderX …
    IPodderX …

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