Azureus 2.3.0

I run Azureus on my Linux box as my Bittorrent seeding client, and last night it gave me a popup asking me to upgrade to 2.3.0. I obediently complied. It downloaded, restarted, asked me to then upgrade the az-plugins which I also did. It has not served out anything ever since that point. I get the green smiley faces and even connections but nothing serves out. Nice. It’s going to have to be this evening or later before I look at this. Nothing like having an automated one-push upgrade that then forces you into hours of debugging to figure out why nothing works anymore.

Update: Turns out this thing does not work properly unless you have Java 1.5. I didn’t feel like upgrading Java on that box so I downgraded Azureus to the previous version and am back in business. I think something like this needs a little more disclaiming, considering that it doesn’t run properly unless you have upgraded to a very recently released JVM.

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5 thoughts on “Azureus 2.3.0”

  1. Dave, make sure port 6881 UDP (not just TCP) is open on your firewall, I got a popup about it when I upgraded on Windows…

  2. Jort, I opened up 6880 – 6885 for both TCP and UDP and even restarted Azureus and no dice. I think I’m going to give it 20 minutes tonight and if I can’t figure it out I’m downgrading this SOB as soon as I can. At least the previous version worked.

  3. Dave, based on my experience you were wise to downgrade. I had the exact same problem, except after the upgrade Azureus started sucking up all my system resources as well. Uninstalled Azureus, uninstalled old Java, installed new Java, reinstalled Azureus 2.3.0 and no change…

  4. I too upgraded to Azureus 2.3; doing the odd spot of jcode I was already running j1.5. Azureus claims to have optimised some of its code, however I have seen a large jump in cpu consumption with minimised background usage moving from 5-10% to around 15-25% with lengthy periods of 100% (fedora core 2, kernel 2.6.10 on a pIII 500). The options page now takes around 10 seconds to load, where previously 1 or 2.

    I would downgrade to 2.2.x but I cannot be bothered just yet.

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