Diet Coke Monkey off my Back

I have at points in the recent past drank a whole lot of Diet Coke. In the run up to the trade show, I was probably drinking between 6 and 10 cans every day. As a default, when thirsty or stressed or fidgety I’d go to the fridge and get another can. It was just completely crazy.

When I got back from Chicago, as it happened we were almost out of Diet Coke and we just didn’t get any more. Out of the blue, I just decided to not drink any and before I know it I had kicked cold turkey. I went about a week not really drinking any. Now I’ve backed off of complete temperance. When I really began to crave it enough that it became distracting, I chose to indulge again in very moderate amounts. I’ve decided that I will drink it along with meals, but will not drink it between them. This will be my moderation mechanism. The rest of the day, if I’m thirsty I’ll drink water. It’s cheaper, it’s healthier, it suppresses your appetite some, and keeps you from getting completely addicted to sugar (or aspartame or saccharine) water.

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5 thoughts on “Diet Coke Monkey off my Back”

  1. Nick Starr says:

    Well I saw that you were trying to get away from giving cancer to lab rats (aspartame & saccharine)…but I was at the local gas station this morning, and saw the world’s greatest invention. Diet Coke with Spenda! Taste…simply amazing. No cancer-y aftertaste, very enjoyable. I hope that this doesn’t get you to jump back onto the Coke train, but when you do have the occasional one…try Diet Coke with Splenda.

  2. Lisa Williams says:

    Funny, I just saw the Splenda thing today, I have an unopened bottle of it.

    As someone who drinks too much Diet Coke, I have a question: Do you find that your sleep is better (do you get to sleep earlier, more easily, wake less frequently)? Any other differences, positive or negative?

  3. mark says:

    apparently aspartame causes a craving for carbohydrates. Which is just what people who drink diet beverages DON’T want. Nice.

  4. Pierre says:


    Cofee is the ‘drug’ I am usually drinking in insane amounts.

    I was wondering if stopping Diet Coke has anything to do with the last podcast comments from you: “energy levels are low”. (or something to that effect). If it has, I think it’s still a great idea to stop.

    I generally think taht those false sugar’s are a pretty stupid idea: just look at the disclamers.

  5. David says:

    I did a side by side taste test with Splenda Coke and “regular” Diet Coke. I actually like the non-Splenda better, probably because I’m addicted to it. The Splenda Coke tastes almost too sweet.
    I also kicked Diet Coke for awhile, but like an addict, one taste and I was back in full swing.

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