Listening to the Make podcast, Phil Torrone talked about this free service that will make a ringtone out of any arbitrary MP3 or AAC. I did it with my theme song, and now my Motorola V180 rings with Lee’s kicking guitar solo. This is highly cool. I’ll call myself the next time I podcast so everyone can hear it.

As an aside, I was going to leave this as a comment on the Make blog but you have to log in, which means that I never will. I really enjoy Phil’s podcast, but his very next DIY project should be building himself a damn pop filter for his mike. Hearing people pop their P’s is the single most annoying part of many podcasts that I like. Or if you weren’t feeling so DIY, you could just buy one.

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5 thoughts on “SmashTheTones”

  1. sorry about that, the p’s are all gone (since that show). sorry about that, i hate that too.


  2. Cool beans, Phil. I know Dawn and Drew thought I was zinging on you, I just thought it a little ironic that your DIY show could have really benefited from a very tiny DIY project. Remove the plosives! Thanks for leaving me the feedback.

  3. i’ve been wanting to do the diy pop filter for an article, so this reminded me!

  4. well at least my families cellppphones are – all except me of course (i have a luddite ppphone – its a long story)…

    but my boys are now able to do battle of the band warfare w/ their ppphones – cool link both ppphil and dave – thanks…


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