Clambake Episode for May 11, 2005

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for May 11, 2005.

I play a song with permission by Fugazi; I call my cellphone for the new ringtone; I talk about being on the BBC and play the clip; I play a song from Rocket City Riot; I play the theme songs from the Dash Rip Rock podcasts; a brief appearance from Ivan Stang and Lonesome Cowboy Dave and a lesson on language; I talk about the Creative Commons license on this here clambake; I talk about making money for other people; I play a song by Bullet Called Life and that’s all folks.

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This show as a whole is Creative Commons licensed Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 1.0.

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7 thoughts on “Clambake Episode for May 11, 2005”

  1. Danny Vigour says:

    The best podcast ever. The only one I always, no matter what, listen too.

    I finally recognized the “You should really listen to this” intro – KILL BILL VOL. 2!!


  2. James says:

    Sorry Danny, but you are wrong. It’s from the Gentle Readers song that has become Dave’s “theme song”. Sorry, but the name of it eludes me right now.

  3. PJ Cabrera says:

    I think he refers to the mixed in words “Now, you should listen to this, because it concerns you”. That’s from Kill Bill (not sure of which volume right now, but Danny is at least half-right. Of course, the music is from the Gentle Readers.

    But regardless, I came here to say, I really enjoyed this show. Great music!

  4. Well, I sit corrected. I guess that should teach me not to interrupt when grown folks are talking.

  5. Ken Nelson says:

    With the BBC’s pronunciation of your last name, give thanks tonight that your parents didn’t name you:
    1) Peter
    2) Dick
    3) Forrest
    OTOH, had they named you Bill, you could have replaced the DiTech guy on TV.
    And, I appreciate the return to the full-length, take the time you need, ramble when appropriate, podcasts.
    Talk story.

  6. Dave says:

    Ken, I’m with you. The no-edit shows are an attempt at the same sort of thing, just a way of reducing the impact of putting out one of these shows.

  7. Tilted Edge says:

    I grew up near Washington DC which is the home of Fugazi. I saw them perform twice but was put off by the endless political tirades between songs. I have to give credit to Ian MacKaye though for building a label which supports himself and the members of Fugazi.

    Recently he was featured on Weekend Edition regarding his new gentler band ‘Even’. The young woman who is the local announcer at my NPR affiliate in the Shenandoah Valley gushed 2 or 3 times about how Ian was her former boss and how thrilling it was to hear him on NPR. I figure that since NPR is headquartered in dc, he must know someone there and that’s how he got on weekend edition. You can listen here:

    Ian MacKaye also spoke quite eloquently in a Symposium on file sharing at The American University. You can hear that here:

    A friend of mine was the drummer on a beefeater album which is a band on Ian’s label ‘Dischord’. He was kicked out because he was not a vegetarian. It always puzzled him that the guitarist Fred Smith was not kicked out and he ate meat!

    Don’t get me started on the punk scene in the late 70’s in dc. There is something really embarrassing about children of wealthy families wearing safety pins through their noses, dying their hair green and not bathing. To me the sex pistols were the real punk rockers but like a lot of other music forms, Americans copied it and played it themselves… but not as well.

    Institute of Contemporary Music

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