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The show I just posted was #99 unless my count is boned. I only started doing the count a few weeks ago, so it might be off by one or so. Still, that means the next one will be observed as #100 either way. Any suggestions on how we celebrate? If this were a comic book, it would be a big double issue with special guest stars and lots of villains. If folks want to send me in audio clips for the celebration, I’ll be happy to play them all. Should I give away a stuff package, try to get a super special guest or what? I feel frazzled and uncreative, so any input helps me out a lot.

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7 thoughts on “Count Down”

  1. I know it’s totally cliched and unoriginal, because every show that goes through episode 100, or 200, 500, does the same thing. But what about a ‘best segments’ show?

    Or maybe a ‘best segments’ mashup with collaboration from Institute of Contemporary Music? ICM could do another mashup, but this time, using those quotable segments you think are your best moments, and pieces of interviews you’ve done. Then you record a ‘normal’ podcast, with your standard commentary fare and music, maybe play any celebratory audio clips people have sent in, and at the end you play this ‘best segments’ mashup.

    Just a thought. I’m sure whatever you end up doing is going to be a good podcast.

    OK, I’m off to record my celebration audio clip! 🙂

  2. Dave,

    I went back to the earliest EGC show I had on my hard disk and it was your second show from August 22nd, so I listened to it for inspiration. For your 100th show, I think you should talk about podcasting, play some highlights from “Reality Break” that you said you would digitize and podcast someday and play all the well wishes I’m sure you will get. You could also play some “obscure covers” since you mentioned the Rick Nielsen quote 😉

  3. Logging on to GMail right this minute to send them off. Hope you like them!

  4. My two audioclips don’t add up to 20 seconds, and you’re sending ~ one minute?

    To quote Daffy Duck: “You know, disz meansz war!” 🙂

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