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I’m moving slow this week, I meant to make this post days ago. Next week I’ll be going back and getting some shirts reprinted. This in all likelihood will be the last time that any sizes other than L and XL will be printed. I’ve got a few folks who ordered XXL shirts that I haven’t yet been able to fill because I ran out. I’m going to print those, and maybe one spare of each size.

There was a big burst of initial orders and then they have slowed down a lot lately. When the orders were coming in fast and furous, I could count on reprinting every few weeks in order to fill in the size/color combinations that people order that I might not have on hand. Sadly, that era is over. Therefore, if you have been thinking of buying a shirt, now is the time to get that order in – particularly if you want a S, M, XXL or XXXL shirt. Once I place the order with the shirt guys next week, all those sizes are “while supplies last.” Place that order this weekend if you want any of these. Thanks to everyone who has bought one, supported the show and sported their fine gear. I should also point out to those who are apprehensive about having to buy the CD with it, from the feedback I’ve received there has been a 100% “I love the Gentle Readers CD” rate.

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One thought on “EGC Stuff Packages”

  1. PJ Cabrera says:

    Ha ha, just kidding.

    I did want to encourage folks that are still holding out on buying, to not wait any longer. This is good stuff you’ll be receiving. And it helps keep Dave “on the air”.

    I waited about a month to order my EGC stuff, because based on what I had heard on Dave’s show, I thought I wouldn’t like the Gentle Readers CD. Boy was I wrong! They have definitely grown on me.

    As for the t-shirt, there is none finer than this one. I get a lot of free schwag from conferences. You know the ones, with company logos and URLs printed on them. And there are some good ones in my collection. The EGC t-shirt makes them all pale in comparison. It is easily ten times the quality of the confeernce schlock.

    The One True Dan Tripp says they make him look slimmer and attracts chicks to him even when he’s making an ass of himself. James Slusher gets an extra buzz when he visits taverns with the t-shirt on. And young Steve Wagoner even got laid, just after he got his picture taken for the EGC style council. 🙂

    So there you go, why wouldn’t you want an EGC stuff package?

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