The Riverfront in Conway

The Riverfront in Conway

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This is an experiment in mobile digital life from a small town. I rode my bike to the library, to the river, and now I’m uploading the photo and blogging from my branch office. Cool, no? This crap is not just for the damn San Franciscans. We’re wired out here in nowheresville too, baby!!

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One thought on “The Riverfront in Conway”

  1. Cool beans! The Conway pictures in your photostream looks nice! And there’s a cool one of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico!

    I’ve been experimenting with mobile digital life for about two years here in Puerto Rico. Very disappointing. It’s in the same state Wi-Fi and data cell access were 4 – 6 years ago in the USA: small pockets of access, free or otherwise, within the major city centers, and next to nothing of an organized nature in the suburbs, not to mention the rural areas.

    As I grew up here over 16 years ago, I believed PR was 4 – 6 years behind the technology leaders of the world. My latest mobile digital life experiments have confirmed it is still that way. 🙁

    I’m a bit of an entrepreneur, and I see this as opportunity. But unfortunately I’m planning to move back to the USA by mid-2006 (politics and the economy here are in downward spiral; politics are the same in the USA, but the economy at least seems to hold and has a bit of growth.)

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