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One thing that really bugs me about Ecto: they do a cute thing when you create a new tag and give the default name as “puppy.” Apparently though, if you edit the name but don’t navigate off of it to force a save of it, you publish your post with the default name and not what you changed it to. The first time I noticed one of my posts tagged “puppy” it was slightly funny. The fifth time it really got under my skin. I’d rather see it blank by default than to keep having my posts tagged “puppy.” Enough is enough. If you search Technorati for that tag at this moment you can see a few posts that were obviously mistagged by people using Ecto because they mention that tool by name.

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5 thoughts on “Puppy Tags”

  1. Yeah… But it’s still a great program!! (Though, I wish their Livejournal interface would let me set some LJ specific features (yes, I also have a LJ))


  2. Your frustration makes a good case for using open source tools (like WordPress). The “puppy” default in Ecto is such a trivial thing to change, but you can only do that if you have the source.

  3. Adam,
    It is a great program and I’m going to continue to use it and will be registering sometime in the next ohhhhhh 15 days. However, I still feel like an idiot when I see that I have tagged something “puppy” and sent it in the world.

    If there is an open source thing that does the same job as well, point me to it and I’ll use it.

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