We’ve had wifi of one form or another for over four years, and it never fails to strike me as magic when it actually works. Usually it is just the form of connecting from the living room couch, sometimes from the screened in back porch or times, like now, where I sit on the front porch and watch my wife plant flowers. Beautiful. Magic. All of it.

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4 thoughts on “Magic”

  1. i love the wireless in my home as well. I recently got an airport express and nothing is cooler then streaming my music from wherever to the the livingroom speakers. I am tempted to get another one for my room.

  2. That is still how I feel about wireless internet. Black magic! Some super voodoo power to get stories and info from the world into the palms of my hands where ever I am. It leads me to thinking, as I walk up the street, of all the digital data flowing ‘Matrix’ like through all the air around me. Amazing!

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