Whittling Away

Current state of the inbox: 467. I’ve answered everything earlier than April 21, and will continue to chug away. Maybe I can knock out a few on the plane. I’ve found out that people are making jokes in their podcasts about how non-responsive I am to email. Once I get this down to zero, everything gets answered the same day if I can possibly achieve that. The replies will of course be shorter than I’m used to sending, but at least they’ll be something.

Pretty soon, I’ll be replying to the ones that are ridiculously old. If you emailed me in November, let’s hope it wasn’t too terribly timely.

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One thought on “Whittling Away”

  1. Adam says:

    Are you on Mac or PC? If you’re on Mac I’d reccommend getting Power Mail, PC PocoMail. Both have incredible filters! (Filtering e-mail makes it easier to decide what’s not worth replying to right away and what absolutely needs to be replied to)


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