Nice Emails to Come Home To

After a long drive this evening, I come home to find an email from a guy yelling at me about my shows getting on his hard drive. He’s angry at how it happened and wants me to make it stop. Included in there is a threat that he will sue me if I don’t stop. Is it just me, or do other podcasters get these kind of crackpots sending them weird shit?

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5 thoughts on “Nice Emails to Come Home To”

  1. Ditto.. At last count barely over 100 – I can probably name almost all of them. 🙂

    I am curious as to how it’s happened, perhaps he inadvertently installed a podcast client, agreeing to both the EULA and destination folder. Of course it was pure co-incidence that he’d have to subscribe to the feed and then listen to the podcast as well.

    Look on the bright side – if nothing else, such email proves that at least subscribing to podcasts & thus listening to them is uber simple now. 🙂

  2. There was another guy upset about that on Podcast Alley with respect to another podcast. I believe that one turned out to be an iPodderX glitch. He had installed iPodderX a long time ago and stopped using it after the trial; looks like it somehow reactivated and started downloading shows without his noticing.

    Could be the same thing in your situation. Isn’t your show one of the iPodderX default subscriptions?

  3. Steve, I’m sure it was something like that. I’d have gladly helped this guy if he had asked for help and tried to understand what was happening. As it is, “You are an asshole, stop this before I sue you” gets only the middle finger as a response.

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