I’ve been blogging for almost three years and podcasting for almost a year now, but often I feel really disconnected from the “bloggerati” or whatever else you might call them. I’m not going to use the letter-grade rankings that I hate so much. When I listened to Halley Suitt interview Meg Hourihan, she began with a statement like “Surely everyone who blogs knows who you are” but I had no idea who she was. Back when Odeo was announced I had no idea who Evan Williams was. Just now, when the interview with Ana Marie Cox showed up in my Shuffle, I had no idea who she was either.

I’ve never read Wonkette, I’ve never read Instapundit, or a whole bunch of the highly popular weblogs. It’s a big ol’ blogosphere, so big that you can no longer take for granted that anyone of any notoriety is known, ever to others in this selfsame blogosphere.

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7 thoughts on “Bloggerati”

  1. Eric Rice says:

    Yeah, I’m like a freak in my circles since I don’t read Boing-Boing or Metafilter unless someone sends me a link. How dare I do such a thing!?

  2. dave says:

    I’ve never read Metafilter either. I unsubscribed from Boing Boing a few months ago. Everything I cared about that was posted on there I had already seen elsewhere, and there was a fair amount of stuff that I aggressively didn’t care about (like, say, Disneyworld.) Eventually I saw the one article over the line that bugged me and poof, there it went.

  3. who the hell are you guys and why am I reading this???

  4. dave says:

    Ah, another example of that renowned Aussie sense of humor (sic).

  5. Adam says:


    I read BoingBoing, but I’ve never heard of Metafilter. Oh and those people you haven’t heard of, don’t feel so bad, neither have I.

    Just curious, which thing on BB was it that you unsubscribed? I mean, there’s lotsa weird s*it on there! NO worse than Fark, though.


  6. dave says:

    I don’t remember specifically, but it was almost certainly Disney related. It wasn’t weirdness that made me drop it but mind-numbingness.

  7. glemak says:

    lol – what gets me is when someone i know says to me “hey, you blog so you must have already seen this”…

    you can only ingest and filter so much – gotta leave some time for meat-world fun stuff, like playing w/ the kids, pets – whatever 🙂

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