Chipping Away at the Mail

Inbox size: 277 messages, down about 500 over the last few weeks. I’ve done away with having quotas because I never actually meet them, but my goal for myself is to make that count be a monotonically decreasing function. The day I get it to zero, I’m having a party. Of course, I’m trying to handle everything new the same day along with handling the old email.

I’m now answering back mails from mid-February, usually leading to startlement and bemusement by the recipients. One of these mails bounced because in the intervening months, the domain name went defunct. For people who had actual requests of me, I’m mostly replying back with “do you still need this?” This is actually getting a little easier as I get into the older stuff. There is no graceful way to answer a four month old email, so with that off the table you just plunge in and do it.

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