Clambake Episode for June 12, 2005

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for June 12, 2005.

A new experiment begins as I premiere the new Rocket City Riot album one track at a time and kick it off with an interview with John Mark King and play the first song; I play a promo for the Escape Pod podcast; I talk about whether I was “attacking” the guys from Echo Ditto (short answer: I don’t think so); I discuss the beginnings of my thoughts on “blockbusterism”, why I think it is harmful and why podcasting should fight against it; I play a song by Jill Sobule and toodle. This should in general have better sound levels than the first few Audio Hijack Pro episodes as I kind of figure out what I’m doing in this new setup. Also, I managed to get rid of most of the latency so I wasn’t slowly driven insane by the delayed echoes of my own voice.

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3 thoughts on “Clambake Episode for June 12, 2005”

  1. Paul says:

    Interestingly enough, I had not pondered the dangers of blockbusterism in podcasting until you said something about it. I would tend to agree with you for the most part. I think the reality is that the average person in the populus of America only have the attention span to consume only so many outlets of media. So, for the most part, these outlets cater to this lowest common denominator in hopes to sell one more paper, one more subscription, one more listener as part of their nielsen (sp?) ratings (anyone heard of the personal people meter, my god!). It is only natural to have podcasting be projected to the general public in this way, as this is what the public “wants” (do we even know?) anyway…or seems to be more inclined to consume. No need to worry so much, though, I think that all will be well and rather self-regulating as it is in a Wiki or in the general “blogosphere” itself. Thanks for the show Dave, you’re one of the more respectable podcasters available with quality content!


    Defenestrate Your Mind Podcast

  2. Don says:

    Dave –
    You didn’t criticize that interviewer at all in your last cast. Actually, you were quite encouraging to him and offered him some great, constructive feedback. He’ll be smart to listen to you. I have always found that one of the characteristics of the maturation process is that people learn to take feedback non-personally, and non-critically. I’m hoping this dude can do same. You sounded like a cool teacher who had some valuable advice for all those interested in doing interviews professionally. Speaking purely as a consumer, I just don’t have the patience for long drawn-out interviews that take forever to get to the point and have too many “ah-um-uh’s” in them.

    On the Blockbuster phenomena….I hear that. I have been in the videogame industry since the earliest days….talk about a once really cool industry that has gone the route of “Blockbusterism”….I could write a book on the subject. Like you, in the past month I have dropped all the biggies from my pod-subscriptions….and have evolved into a growing set of really cool shows. This was spearheaded around the whole Sirius thing, which I viewed as a total sell out. “The Podfather” was my first subscription to go.

    I am really happy with my current crop of podcast subscriptions. I love the shows that focus on new, upcoming and indie music. Really opens up a whole new world. I’m in my late 40’s and this reminds me so much of how cool FM radio was when it first broke in the 60’s and 70’s. For those that are younger, it is hard to believe….but once upon a time FM radio was like a totally underground and totally hip format. Man, we used to dig it. I don’t know, it probably got corrupted (Blockbusterized) sometime in the mid-80’s I guess? Good podcasts bring it all back to me….

    I dig the show. Thanks for your efforts.


  3. eschulz says:

    I have noticed myself steering away from Blockbusterism for years. I never had a name for it and never even thought about it. I would love to hear (or read) more of your opinion on the subject.

    I have reduced my podcast playlist significantly (due to a shorter commute (woohoo!)) and no longer have room for some of the Blockbusters.

    I want to be clear that Blockbusters shouldn’t be dissed merely because of their Blockbuster status. Some of those films/albums/podcasts/blogs/whatever are important and should be relished in spite of their popularity (but never because of it).

    I’ve been listening since the early days of your show. Thanks for all you do.

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