CSS Farting Around

I’m trying some more stuff with the CSS, including adding back the logo in the header. This CSS is lousy with fixed pixel amounts that I wish I understood how to get rid of. If it looks particularly asslike in your browser, leave me a comment so that I can figure out what to do. CSS is one of those things that is so conceptually simple but really hard for me to get to show what I want it to show.

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9 thoughts on “CSS Farting Around”

  1. Text looks fine for me (i.e. not as bad as previous poster) but the top half of the EGC logo is off the top of the page. Mozilla 1.7 on … wait for it … Windows 95.

  2. Oh, and if clicking on the logo is supposed to take me back to the home page, it doesn’t. If it isn’t supposed to, it should 🙂

  3. #masthead h1 needs a height of 200px, remove the height from masthead

    #menu and #rmenu need to have a top: 200px to accomodate the large graphic

    also the blue footer at the bottom needs a clear: both so it will appear after the menus in the case of a short content area

    I’m no expert, just been doing a lot of css lately.

    Good luck, let me know if I can help further.

  4. Dave,

    Make sure you’re declaring a XHTML doctype in your header. Also watch sizing. IE and Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape measure differently. Margins + Borders + Padding = Page size. Whatever you specify as the page size, that’s what everything needs to add up to. Grab Nick Bradbury’s TopStyle Pro (www.bradsoft.com). I think it’ll help you a bunch. Set the style definition to 2.1 and go to town. Check out my site as well as dailything.com and feel free to steal my CSS.

  5. Loyd, I can’t use that since it is a Windows app. I have been getting some help from CSS reinforcements, so this issue should be taking care of itself soon. Thanks for the input.

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