Ummm, OK

I’ll admit to not understanding this one at all. Mitch Ratcliffe disputes my statement that when Don Katz claims does “something much like podcasting” it involves a centralized authority. I read his whole post through a couple of times and I don’t get what his refutation actually refutes.

Mitch thinks I am incorrect when I claim that I have more access to the podcasting infrastructure than I do to the Audible infrastructure. Let’s not argue, let’s get empirical. I recorded a show this morning and 15 minutes later it was published into my bittorrent feed. I want to publish that same show into the Audible system tomorrow. Can I do that, and if so how?

Mitch also states in his post that he likes me, and I also like him. How come it seems like we are always at loggerheads?

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  1. No, you can’t do that, yet. But given that the podcasting thing is slightly less than a year old, it’s not surprising that a company takes its time to get its offering right.

    “Centralized” is a matter of how much it costs to produce, not a closed mindset. Audible’s been resource limited (there is a big difference) because of the high cost of production and with the dawn of podcasting it will be much less so. Give us some time and you’ll see, because Audible does have investors that it is responsible to, so it is taking its time to deliver the podcasting offer that helps guys like you make a living from their creative work.

    I’m responding, primarily, to the repeated dismissals of Audible because of podcasting, because, basically, Audible invented all this stuff, including the portable digital audio device….

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