5 thoughts on “Limerick Dictionary”

  1. Love the random limerick feature. Now, I’ve got something to add to my “Time Wasting Ass Clown” kit.

  2. Cool. Between this and George Carlin quote-a-day, there ought to be some ass-falling funny stuff. 🙂

  3. John Quincy Adams was president
    Like his dad, an unfortunate precedent.
    His post-mortem check-up
    Showed “Dead from the neck up”
    (Much the same as today’s White House resident).

  4. There once was a woman, bionic
    Whose story was rather ironic.
    When her counterpart kissed her,
    she blew a transistor.
    Now relations are strictly platonic.

  5. late to this due to travel heck this week, but suggest we should throw out the challenge to the limerick creative among us to craft one for podcast or podcasting – just for fun of course, not meant at all to tweak the revistionist 😉

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