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Here’s some things I have listened to lately that I really liked:

Actually I’m still listening to this one and am really liking it – Chuck Tomasi has an interview with Leo Laporte.

My brother has a podcast and he’s done a great variety of stuff. For some reason, the show that has tickled me the most has been his odd/bad music show. I listened to it in O’Hare airport on my last Chicago trip and was giggling all the way to the gate.

Elvis Mitchell, my newest interview hero, interviews Christopher Nolan about the new Batman movie. I loved this interview especially, and I love every episode of this show so this is good even above that baseline.

DVDTalkRadio did an interview with John Waters. Waters makes me laugh in everything he ever does, be it interview or book or movie or Simpson apperance. This interview rocked and although I didn’t really need selling, it has definitely sold me a copy of the Dirty Shame DVD.

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2 thoughts on “Suggested Listening”

  1. tiltededge says:

    John Waters is a funny interview. I’m really glad he exists to shake things up but I can’t say I love his movies. I have to hand it to him for being original though. Who would think of having a crossdessing man eat shit as it comes out of a dog’s ass? That was in “Pink Flamingos” for those of you who want to check it out. Hairspray was very tame and his most popular movie. Worth seeing. It was also his first studio backed movie. I’m not sure if there was another studio backed movie, lol. The musical version of “Hairspray” sure is doing well. The star of the original movie was Riki Lake (before she got thin).

  2. Dave, thanks for the heads-up for the Leo Laporte interview. About 6 months ago you mentioned his name in a podcast and I wanted to find out more, but I couldn’t find him in an Internet search—I couldn’t quite hear the name well enough to spell it right. But now I know who he is. Thanks!

    I find reading websites, news, and blogs isn’t sufficient enough for me to figure out who and what is popular and why, perhaps because there’s not enough emotional information in the text. But through listening to podcasts, it becomes very easy for me to know who people are paying attention to. I’m pretty isolated here in Beijing. I only know about 2 other geeks, but they aren’t interested in the same technologies or social issues that I am. So podcasts help me feel connected to the geek community, especially your show.

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