Katz Responds

Don Katz of Audible.com has a post that responds to some of the criticisms of the Audible/podcasting thing. This includes a namecheck of me, for god’s sake!

For the record, I’ve had multiple exchanges with Mitch Ratcliffe about his response to me, in the comments here, in the comments there and in email. I still remain perplexed and feel we are talking past each other. At the heart, I said “Audible is centralized”, which still seems to me indisputable. Mitch is saying “that’s not bad”, which isn’t what I said or even think. It just is what it is. Anything that has a central catalog in one place is centralized. This is an architectural statement that Mitch seems to be interpreting as a moral one. I’m highly confusable and this has done it to me.

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