Batman Begins

Yesterday we went to see Batman Begins. I believe this is not only the best Batman movie ever, but after I let it sink in a while I think I’ll find it the best superhero movie ever. It had all of the spectacle, but also lots of story and characterization and a tighter origin story that makes more sense than the original source. I love it!

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6 thoughts on “Batman Begins”

  1. glemak says:

    wow, high praise – can’t wait to bring my two yuts to see it 🙂

  2. jonathan says:

    Did you notice any locations from chicago in it. I think thats where they filmed it

  3. dave says:

    I recognized a lot of the downtown Chicago locations. In the first chase where he is running from the cops in the Batmobile, a lot of that looked like Wacker Drive, right around where I used to work. You see a bunch of scaffolding, and I’m pretty sure that’s the building catty-corner of my old building. They were working on it when I quit, and they filmed the street things the week after I left. I was getting a little extra out of those scenes – the chase was exciting but I got an extra flash of recognition of familiar sights.

  4. glemak says:

    we saw it today – you’re praise was absolutely correct, it was just an excellent movie all the way around…

  5. Tilted Edge says:

    Funny how you are against the RIAA and major music labels yet you support the major hollywood movie studios and the stupid blockbuster movies. Down with Beverly Hills!

    I find so much more imagination in the indie movies and why do they always do remakes of old movies ancient comic strips, old tv shows and old cartoons? It’s like they can not think of single original idea for a film. Even 99% of the film music sucks.

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