The Arts and Sciences and Slushers

Here’s a photo to give a feel for what the trip to Greensboro was like. It was fantastic to get to spend a little time with the band, to see them play (which completely rocked) and to see Indigo Girls play as well. Their merchandise table was pretty much swamped the whole time between sets and after the girls played, which is good. It reduced our hang-out time but it’s worth it to get their CDs into the hands of new fans and also to get a little money into their touring cash box. Thanks for a great evening! I’m glad we went.

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One thought on “The Arts and Sciences and Slushers”

  1. This is COMPLETELY unrelated…but as I’m trying to send you a picture, Dave, maybe it is related.

    I got a picture of an EGC tee-shirt at Balticon 39…if you’d like it, let me know the best way to get it to you (as both e-mail’s I’ve got for you bounced it back).

    But this Kodak moment with you and the Arts & Sciences. Cool, man! VERY cool!

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