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At Telltale Weekly they are having a special with some of their audiobooks available for free. I listened to Kelly Link’s story “Most of My Friends Are Two-Thirds Water” and really liked it. I’ve heard a lot about her work but haven’t read any myself. This story was good enough to make me seek some more out.

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  1. BTW, I’m doing some testing with Tor ( Check your logs for “weird” activity. 🙂

  2. It’s a good short story, but being a provincial yutz, I didn’t figure out that the main character was female until halfway through. She speaks in first person; the narrator’s voice was male; there was no clue given until she said she wished she could marry her friend Jak. If it weren’t for the subjective reality yank, I’d’ve enjoyed it more.

  3. Pam, this was established pretty early. Here are the first four paragraphs of the story:

    A few years ago, Jack dropped the C from his name and became Jak. He called me up at breakfast one morning to tell me He said he was frying bacon for breakfast and that all his roommates were away. He said that he was walking around stark naked. He could have been telling the truth, I don’t know. I could hear something spitting and hissing in the background that could have been bacon, or maybe it was just static on the line.

    Jak keeps a journal in which he records the dreams he has about making love to his ex-girlfriend Nikki, who looks like Sandy Duncan. Nikki is now married to someone else. In the most recent dream, Jak says, Nikki had a wooden leg. Sandy Duncan has a glass eye in real life. Jak calls me up to tell me this dream.

    He calls to say that he is in love with the woman who does the Braun coffee-maker commercial, the one with the short blond hair, like Nikki, and eyes that are dreamy and a little too far apart. He can’t tell from the commercial if she has a wooden leg, but he watches TV every night, in the hopes of seeing her again.

    If I were blond, I could fall in love with Jak.

    By this point, I had figured out that the narrator was probably a woman, even though it was read by a man.

  4. Psst Ellen,

    You don’t need an iPod to listen to podcasts. You don’t even need an MP3 player. You can listen on your computer so there is nothing you need to buy.

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