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I mentioned this in the last podcast, but I want to post it in the text as well. I’m presenting at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo this fall. My topic will be “The Human Touch”, exploring the human interactions enabled by this medium. I’m trying to do something different by not having a boring Powerpoint showing the same words I’m saying in bulleted lists. Instead, I want to present the spirit of the talk by showing faces of people who read this blog and listen to my podcast. These can be serious or goofy, just as long as it is you and has your face in the picture. Please send those in to dslusher at gmail com. I need a good number of these to make it work – having too few sends the opposite message of what I’m trying to express here, you know. I have already gotten a few, for which I thank everyone. Keep them coming, folks.

It should be pointed out, too, that I stole this idea from the overlord, Warren Ellis and his “them internets is made of people” stunt that he pulls periodically.

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  1. Tee Morris says:

    I sent you two shots. Both goofy. Wasn’t sure EXACTLY what you wanted, so you’ve got a choice.

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