He’s in a Bad Mood

Listening to last Sunday’s Personality Crisis from WREK today, one of the songs was Sonic Youth’s “She’s in a Bad Mood.” That’s fitting, because I had a crap day that was just getting rolling right around then. All the stuff that went wrong yesterday took a toll, even though they are getting straightened out. The phone is fixed but the alarm system is what broke it and it is still boned. The AC guy should be back tomorrow with the new part, that’s getting better.

However, in and around all this I managed to knock over a bookshelf, which because of the back to back way I had them set up led to a domino effect of knocking down four of them. I described this to my brother in IM and he said it sounded “Three Stooges-like.” I replied, “Dude, this was straight up Shemp shit.” The downside is that it was a complete fiasco, but the upside is that nothing was broken and we wanted to rearrange them anyway. Not on this timetable and not in this fashion, but it is what it is. I spent a chunk of my evening moving things around in my office and reshelving piles of books. It was kind of like picking up after an earthquake, only I created the earthquake.

So, today was a widely diversified sucky day, with a broad base of crap to draw upon in making that way. I’m glad it is almost over.

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4 thoughts on “He’s in a Bad Mood”

  1. Dave, I never figured you for a Shemp man. Curly was the heart and soul. wooo-wooo-wooo!

    After reading the post and James’s comment, I gotta agree that his description was apt.

    Ever notice that Stooges’ fandom is kind of a guy thing? I don’t personally know one woman who owns up to liking them.

    And the beat goes on; my 10 year old grandson asked me last time we talked, “Grandpa, do you like the Stooges?” And another generation carries on the tradition!

    “ummm, a wise guy, eh?”
    – Curly

  2. Ken, I’m not a Shemp man, I just like the way the phonemes line up in the phrase “Shemp shit”. For a very long time I thought Shemp was miserable and all the films with him in them sucked. As I age, I’m actually finding more to appreciate in him. I say this as I guy whose seen enough Three Stooges to have also seen Joe Besser and Joe Delrita as the third guy.

    BTW, are you sure your grandson wasn’t asking if you are an Iggy Pop fan?

  3. Dave, I had to visit Google for the Iggy Pop reference. After seeing that, I fervently hope my grandson was talking about Moe, Larry, Curly/Shemp, et.al.

    Also, the phrase “Curly shit” while clearly not as mellifluous as “Shemp shit”, has a set of bizarrely kinky overtones, which are probably best left unexplored.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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