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Yesterday afternoon, I plugged in my Shuffle to the iBook to refresh my listening content. It didn’t mount as a drive, it didn’t mount in iTunes and it didn’t flash as if it were recharging. I tried a few things like plugging it into a powered hub, plugging into every USB port on every computer in the office and on none of them did it start flashing. It still played and worked, but it wouldn’t communicate or charge. This make me think something was boned in the USB connection part.

I decided to not fart around and go straight to the Apple warranty page, on the assumption that the earlier in the day that I set up the exchange, the fewer days it would take. In fact, the replacement unit was sitting on my front porch at 9 AM EDT. The old one is packed up and ready to drop in the DHL box. All in all, that was a fantastic transaction. The new one has already been pressed into service, is charged up and loaded with my playlist. Nice!

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  1. Sorry to rain on your parade but instead of praising Apple for the quick return we ought to ask why did it fail so quickly to begin with. Just looking at the thing gives me a feeling it is cheaply made. The simplicity you regard as an asset is there because Apple wanted to cut corners by not adding many features that most other mp3 players have. I have put my Muvo through many hours of wear and tear including long walks on very humid days, I have dropped it several times on an oak floor. It still works perfectly and I expect it will work for years to come and it has a gig of flash memory!

  2. Of course it is cheaply made – cheapness is the aspect I wanted. I was in the market for a thumb drive, and this wasn’t much more than that and can be used as one. I’m not looking for a tank that will contain everything I ever listened to, I’m looking for a cheap and relatively disposable thing that has some temporary listening material. That it failed so soon doesn’t bother me as long as they fixed it post haste, which they did. I have also dropped this and have been using the hell out of it every day for the last six months, so I’m not unhappy with how it turned out.

  3. Yours is smaller granted but mine is surely not tank sized! Two Muvo flash players would easily fit on the palm of your hand and weigh 34 grams each (without the battery). By the way, the Muvo uses a standard AAA battery (I have NiCad rechargeable). When your battery dies, you will be in for a rude awakening. The cost of a shuffle battery is $59.00 (from Apple). When they stop using that type of battery, it will triple in cost and it will make more sense to buy a new shuffle. This is what they want you to do.

  4. Nah, I just want people to know there are alternatives. There is a lot of hype around Apple, iTunes, iPods, etc.. People might not even realize that there are better alternatives. In fact the name “Podcast” has led to misinformation. I have heard people say that they don’t listen to podcasts because they don’t own an iPod. Steve Jobs has a big grin and dollar signs in his eyes. He’s riding the fashion wave. I’m the undertow. That’s my job.

  5. TE, If (when) the battery dies, it will become a thumb drive to me. As long as it mounts, I can use it. I’m with JonnyX on the fashion issue. As anyone who has ever seen the way I dress knows, I don’t give a fuck for fashionability. I used an iRiver SlimX for years because that was the best fit for me at the time. No one bitched about me choosing it to be fashionable then. This Shuffle is the best fit for me now and it was at an attractive price for me. That’s the only thing I ever decide on. I’m not out to impress anyone in this world, I’m out to get shit done as easily as possible. When this eventually dies if there is a better fit then, that is what I’ll get at that time.

  6. It’s invisible in your pocket but now everyone knows it’s there. If price is an issue you would not have bought the Shuffle. I checked just NewEgg. The Shuffle is $99 and the Muvo starts at $59. The price difference? Fashion!

  7. I see a pattern developing here. I wonder how many others needed them replaced? I wonder if it happens again will Dave still write to say how happy he was about the quick turn around? What if it happens 2 more times?

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