Ellen Kushner

I was surprised and pleased to see that Ellen Kushner left a comment on this blog. I really like Ellen, and I’ve been a listener of her show Sound and Spirit for 10 years. It’s one of the ones I capture from MP3 streams and listen to later. In 1996 when I was pitching the nationally syndicated version of Reality Break at the Public Radio Program Director conference in New Orleans, Ellen and the crew from WGBH gave me so much advice and support that it was ridiculous. Here I was, this kid with a stack of information packets and home-dubbed cassettes, and they all took me seriously and even helped me make my pitch to program directors. That’s part of why I’ve had such a warm spot in my heart for WGBH and why I was pleased to see them take the lead in public radio podcasting.

Ellen has got a new project, Interstitials Arts. Check it out!

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