My cable modem took a dump, so I relocated to the branch office temporarily. I’m sitting here working, eating a crab melt panini and listening to last week’s Personality Crisis from WREK. Jon is currently playing a chunk of songs that are ELO and ELO covers. Just like the Paul Melancon song “Jeff Lynne” reminds me, I have an enormous store of affection for the Electric Light Orchestra (and also the Move, the predecessor band.) Even at their bullshit schmaltziest, I still love everything from the early 70’s up to the mid-80’s. By the time of “Horace Wimp” the cause was lost, but there are so many of those tunes that just take me back and fire me up. “Living Thing,” “Turn to Stone,” “Evil Woman,” and one of my all-time favorite rock tunes “Do Ya” are guaranteed to bring a smile to my face and a tap to my toes. Even though later I got deep into the worlds of punk and metal, that never subtracted music, only added. At my thrashiest, moshiest point in my music fandom, I was still a sucker for “Can’t Get It Out of My Head.” Thanks for reminding me, brother. I heart Jon Kincaid.

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  1. Tilted Edge says:

    I have noticed that most people have their taste in music shaped in their teens and many never move beyond that. I was lucky to have a now defunct station (WGTB) in my area which played a lot of european electronic music, Frippertronics and even some punk. The live broadcast of a Tangerine Dream concert was a highlight for me. This was when Tangerine Dream was good. Like many white men my age and older, the first band I really got into in a big way was the Beatles. I still like them but they aren’t something I play because I got tired of the same songs. I can’t listen to songs over and over again for my entire life. I had the ELO live album, also Sweet – Desolation blvd lol!

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